• Loa karaoke chuyên nghiệp VPK audio PH12

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    • The use of the United States imported BIC units, high-performance NdFeB magnet steel tweeter, strong magnetic, strong sense of energy, ability to bring strong driver drive unit and wide dynamic range, and ensures that the high-frequency transparent, delicate and soft.
    • Low frequency for special magnetic steel high power long stroke drive unit, with the air gap cooling technology (VGC) magnetic circuit system, under the condition of high power for a long time use to keep good heat dissipation effect.
    • Carefully designed frequency divider, adopts advanced passive crossover network design, minimize high and low frequency overlap, optimize the expressive force of vocals, the recoverable PTC protector high protection technology.
    • Low box made by the multi-layer birch plywood with high quality, in the interior with a number of other reinforcement, strengthening the overall soundness of the enclosure, able to work in the loud when reduce the body resonance.
  • Subwoofer chuyên nghiệp VPK MG82

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