• Bộ dàn âm thanh SR DIGIT THREE 6000 made in Italy

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    DIGIT THREE 6000 4xSUBS (2xActive + 2xPassive) + 2X SATELLITES

    SR TECHNOLOGY enlarges the prestigious DIGIT Series with DIGIT THREE system;
    the most powerful of the line  featuring an innovative audio solution beyond 
    comparison with traditional audio concept
    DIGIT THREE  consists of a column satellite and two subwoofers for each channel.
    Tops are engineered with 4 x 6" neodymium speakers and 2”¾ horn loaded driver at
    constant directivity. Satellite DIGIT THREE, 92 cm high, is bi-amplified, weighs 14 kg,
    and delivers a power of 1200W RMS (1.000W RMS to speakers and 200W RMS to driver). 
    Subwoofer is equipped with 2 x 12" speakers of 1.000W RMS each. One woofer is active 
    and weighs 28 kg; the other one is passive and weighs 24 kgs. Total output power of system
    is as much as 6.400W RMS.
    DIGIT THREE is specifically designed for orchestras, small/medium size services, 
    and wherever a sound system with high sound pressure, long range and perfect intelligibility 
    at distance is required. As well as other DIGIT models, DIGIT THREE performs as vertical array
    and ensures perfect audio coverage at long range maintaining impeccable sound quality
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